Thursday, March 09, 2006

The award for 'new startup in the face of adversity' goes to John Glynn and his new site/forum dedicated to Porsche 911 models with particular focus on the 74 through 89 cars known as the 'impact bumper' cars hence the site name

Startup in the face of adversity? - what adversity you may ask. The kind that often gets bred into other currently sucessful operations of a similiar nature. Its not uncommon for people to respond with the obvious 'why should I use that, I use Rennlist' or 'Pelican' and in my humble opinion that is fair comment however I still applaud John for putting his efforts into establishing another avenue through which to talk Porsches. I am sure it will establish itself for the very reasons some people wouldnt want to talk on the big forums. If you are fresh to Porsches, fresh to Forums check it out.

In the spirit of mutual support John and I are working out a way to share our traffic and attract like minded people to both our systems. Developments afoot.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Porsche 911 Insurance by AON

a quick post to say I had the best service ever whilst searching to insure my Porsche.
Previously I had been quoted monstrous amounts by other specialist insurers.

When I enquired with AON they offered me a classic policy on my Porsche 911 at just under £250, which is a bargain.

Im off to get her MOT'd today so fingers crossed the rust holds together for one more summer before I commit to doing the bodywork. I will try to avoid the wet, but given we are being closed in by snow showers I hope my luck holds out as I dont fancy picking my way through the snow in her.

Fantastic quote by AON, many thanks. Highly recommended - find the contact link and give them a phone as they dont quote online

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Content Host or struggle with your own website.

A short one today just to be sure the word Content Host (or even Content Host) comes up with the world Salenca,(

In case you wonder what the heck I am talking about be aware that your website doesnt speak volumes, your content does and you need to give it legs. Content host it.

Their - I think I got the words content host in often enough.

normaly service resumes shortly

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cowboy Workmen,Automotive Workshops and the Internet Infancy (rant)

It would be fair to say that nobody cares about cowboy workmen or shoddy trading establishments. Why do I say this, because if you watch on the TV their are forever shows with hidden cameras showing off the latest fool being seperated from their money by some unscrupulous oik. Does anything every happen to the scum bags, nope. They dont get prosecuted, they dont change, they just carry on to dupe the next guy.

You would think therefore a system that tackled this sort of behaviour would be welcomed by many. I am talking in particular about the automotive business.

Would it not be great to be able to see, from home exactly how much your workshop is charging you for work to your vehicle?

Would it not be great to be able to read the invoice live at the days end to see the progress and keep tabs on the work?

I thought it would be. So I developed this into my automotive workshop management system.

To this end, the workshop (good honest hardworking workshops with nothing to hide) benefit because their customers can log in from anywhere with an internet connection and can see the progress and communicate directly over costs and progress.

To this end the workshop benefits from the wider communication and contact with its customers, its good work is published to the wider audience looking for a good recomendation. The work also contributes to the vehicle owners digital history portfolio.

To this end the workshop becomes organises, the boss can oversee costs, profits, labour, turnover, all the things they used to guess at.

But.. Just like the TV program I feel like I am a hidden camera show presenter. Neither workshop nor customer seem to want things to be better for either party. Sure it is a jape to hear in the grapevine about who to avoid, but what about signing up to a system that promotes the people who you shouldnt avoid..

You would think this is ground breaking stuff. My system can work for ANY Automotive workshop. The system can work for ANY vehicle owner.

The system is live, it exists but can I get anyone to use it...

Then I read about VC companies pouring money into yet another waste of time web scheme with 'obvious failure' written all over it and it makes me think perhaps I should have spent my time and effort making a pitch with no substance.

As it happens I spent my time developing the system, testing out in live tests, trying to promote the system to no avail. I could scream at the number of times I have sent people emails to just look at the system, to see if I can tempt them to understand its benefits, again to no avail.

At this point I believe the Internet is in its true infancy. There are people working on technologies that are valid and serve well today yet the greater internet masses havent got the wits to understand what is right before their eyes. This is true of business, even truer of bigger business. Until new businesses have been grown from seeds immersed in the ways of the internet and until the entire population is replaced with internet savvy operators there exists a no-mans land between the internet pioneers, their services and the people who would benefit. At this state the pioneers are way ahead of the people it is people that need to catch up.

Check out my pioneering workshop software at

If you know an honest hard working workshop who is just not organised enough but has plans of greatness then point them at the system. If they happen to be an independent Porsche specialist then even better since the system is proven in Porsche applications.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wanted, more restoration project journals

The site is crying out for more people to contribute especially in the property and aviation sections. We are happy with the initial feed of automotive projects (though anyone with a project is welcome to sign for the free account and make use of our specialist hosting service).

Ideally we are hoping to attract the contributions from people who serve actively in the restoration of aircraft such as ww2 warbirds (spitfire, hurricane, mustang, fighters, bomber).
Anything that you do for a hobby, with passion. If you want to make use of our hosting service to showcase your works, please do.

We are also keen to get contributions from anyone undertaking property restorations. Personally I am happy to see contributions on any relevant subject from woodworking to masonry. Anywhere you have a project to show please consider hosting it on our service.

If you know anyone that might benefit from hosting please put them in touch.
Personally I find it very frustrating when I see other people with projects and half built websites they last updated in 1997. When you are that busy with a project I understand that the last thing you want to do is come in and wrestle with html and ftp to create your own site (that noone can find).

Use our hosting service to access your project journal immediately. Even upload images direct from your digital camera.

Pass it on if you know anyone who has a project of interest.

Ninemeister 3.6 to 360bhp Billet Cylinder Heads for Porsche 911

I recently posted a new article on behalf of Colin Belton of Ninemeister Porsche.
The article outlines the discussion behind the development of Ninemeisters new Porsche 911 cylinder heads.

The heads are a natural progression on from the piston and cylinder kit that saw Colin able to reach around 410bhp from his normally aspirated 3.8 RSR. With a lot of effort and design input from some very big cheeses who normally work with a certain world leading Formula1 team Colin and co. have come up with the most optimally designed heads available.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and I believe thier first 'bolt on' efforts saw performance figures of 360bhp+ from a 3.6L 993 Non VarioRam. YES you read that right, 360bhp from the 3.6!

Now lots of tuners struggle to see 310bhp from their own 3.8L conversions so 360 from 3.6 is phenomenal. The kit is perfect for those of you contemplating their options with the 3.6. The money you save in not going to 3.8 Capacity will certainly go a long way towards buying the heads. Team these heads with Colins performance cams and the engine at around £10k rebuilt makes a lot of sense compared to a 300bhp 3.8L conversion at £7k with your 'other tuner'.

If you want to go really wild then Colin is working to combine the heads with a 4.0L Piston&Barrel set to see 450bhp from the engine. Expect updates to follow and if I can talk Colin into Content hosting on the site I should be able to bring a lot more info

Porsche Insurance, A First

I had to post to say that for once I have been amazed by the value and service of an insurance company. Inpreparation for the summer I decided I would insure the Porsche for this year and leave the panel strip down towards the end of the year.

The car has been uninsured and parked in the garage since last year when I had quotes around the £500 mark. Deciding it really was against my principles to pay that much when a normal classic policy is around the £300 mark I decided to abastain and store the car for a few months.

Dipping my toe back into the water to get a quote I was truly appreciative of the sensible approach to insuring my car that the company took. The quote was quick, professional and the price, £245 fully comprehensive was much much more acceptable to me.

Thanks go out to AON insurance who proved they deserve the reputation they have for fair pricing when it comes to specialist marques.

Im all set for my MOT now on thursday which should be interesting since I have no tax either.
I will be driving the car over to warrington for both the MOT and tax, I beleive it is legal to do this. Touch wood.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bloggeration! - I'll be bloggered!

I have just confirmed to myself exactly why my content host system is not a blog system.
Its not a lack of framework, its a complete lack of order that makes the blogosphere everything to everyone. In otherwords nothing to no-one.

What is the point of everybody blogging and creating blog sites to link to everyone elses blogs?

Is this just not chaos, only slightly less organised?

Im happy to say that I am going to stick to my guns. Content host will be just that. CONTENT. I will let the blogs about the content do the talking but Im not ready to incorporate mayhem into the system.

I find it totally bewildering and I have spent 25 years working with computers. Its not an age thing, it just doesnt make sense to me for everyone to be trying to 'host' everybody else.

That makes Content Host quite unique in that you have content, I host it and everything is clear cut.

I did envision that content host is a way to say 'THIS IS WHAT I DID' and the forums/blogs a place to say 'did you?, are you sure? why did you do it?' Im going to stick to those ideals since the two are exclusive.

I think people have plenty of options to discuss their ideas, but not too many options to actually just place it in cyberspace in all its glory (excluding all badly hosted/designed websites).

From now on Im going to blog only on this blog. I will post on behalf on my content posters to promote discussion, but to be honest this toe in the water is all that serves for now.

Salenca Content Host my Porsche 911 project, and dicky 915 gearbox

The first content post and pride of place goes to my 3.2 Porsche 911 project.
I did have a blog in the past (red964) where I outlined the project, but to be honest I couldnt get to grips with the lack of framework to this blogging lark.

Ive posted the project on which is effectively my own personal identity framework on the content host server.

All my articles get posted within this frameworks space and are branded by the red964 banner image and direct links to the red964 site. In the same way other posters style their content hosted with me and link externally.

My latest article covers the rebuild of the Porsche 911 gearbox from my novice perspective.
A picture paints a thousand words, but to be honest I think I need a thousand words aswell and I am having problems finding a picture to demonstrate the internals. I will update it soon.
Thanks to the Rennlisters for helping diagnose my potential problem with shifting (this is before and after the rebuild!!!).

If you have your own Porsche restoration, or indeed any restoration project feel free to host it with me.

Next update will be the info on how I rebuilt the 3.6 engine and what I did to fit it to the Carrera. The conversion process. If you are interested?
Welcome to the new blog from the admin of The aim of this blog is to post my comments on the activities of users of to post their content to the system. I am opening up my own site development to the blog to see if I can get feedback to help direct the services my system provides. - We want your content

The other aim of the blog is to invite open communication and discussion of the aims of and my content hosting system. At the moment, to the un-initiated the system may well be a blog system without the dynamic interaction of a true blog host. To some degree this is true, and planned since I wanted the content host to primarily be about exaclty that, the content. I want to leave the 'discussion' external to the content.

Why would I want to do this? - because in this way the discussion of the site, its content is external to the site in the same way I promote use of the site to be external to the original posters own website.

The system is evolving daily and I need to find the balance between promoting the system, attracting new users and adding functionality to the system to help people post to relevant categories. We are happy that the core interface works well but we know their is infinite scope for improvement. I hope that blogging externally to the site will encourage comment and opinion to drive the development of the system

I have to admit that another reason for the content system not being a full blog system is that I personally am a bit intimidated by the 'blog' system. I find the system to be too open, too free-form. I like form and function and I like to be able to visualise an idea. With blogging the walls are down and I just cant see the structure to it. For now I prefer to keep the content hosting system within the walls of my interface to allow my users to visualise how and where their content lives. If I opened it up to be a full blog type system I think the boundaries of reality would fall in on me!.

The system exists to help you post your content away from your own site. Maybe you dont get to update your site, maybe you have nothing to say or just maybe you have plenty you would like to say but just dont have the technical legs to let you get in and control your own site content. Hosting your content using my Content Host system gives you those legs and lets your content run without compromising your own website.

And so, I will leave this first blog with a question regarding the front end of my site. I had the bright idea that to promote the system I would liken it to offering you (your content/message) a chance to return from the dead. My first ad is a stylised 'donor card' that you should keep with you as you struggle with your own web technology. When you decide it is dead in the water, come over to Content Hosting.

Q: Is my donor card offensive or bad taste? - personally I feel this image speaks volumes but is it too risque?